Welcome to Aquia Harbour Preschool

Established in 1977, Aquia Harbour Preschool (AHPS) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit cooperative organization committed to serving the local community for over 45 years. Its creation was driven by the need to provide accessible, high-quality early education – a mission that remains unchanged to this day. Our focus is providing a comprehensive educational foundation for children aged 3 to 4, with the capacity to accommodate up to 66 young learners.

AHPS operates on a foundation of cooperation and collaboration. We extend an invitation to parents to become integral parts of our school, collaborating closely with educators, and actively engaging in their child’s educational journey. This principle is embraced not only by our devoted teachers, volunteers, and families but also resonates throughout our community. Collectively, we support the growth and development of each and every child.

Aquia Harbour Preschool (AHPS) welcomes residents and non-residents of Aquia Harbour!

Registration information can be found here.

AHPS was voted one of the Best Preschools by Northern Virginia Magazine 2017-2023!